1908 Kerry 490cc Side Valve

The Motorcycle shown on this page is a 1908 Kerry Side Valve 490cc v-twin that was partially restored and not completed before the owner passed. The bike came from Australia and was incomplete, but it is worth the effort to restore; the Marquee is excited about this as there is only one other in his records that survives. I am hoping to ride the London to Brighton on her in 2012 if we complete it by then. Restoration is progressing well; pistons were missing, and rings, we have found those and mudguards put on, and wheeels are beinng trued up. The parts were all chromed; incorrect for this era, and so was sent to the strippers to be stripped back to the nickle. The petrol tank needs finishing and the correct seat was found for her. We are making exhausts for her and have one as a pattern to have the other made to look like it. The front exhaust is a cow horn type placed in the vertical position, unlike later in the typical horizontal position.