1922 Lea Francis 550cc IOE

The Motorcycle shown on this page is a 1922 Lea Francis Inlet Over Exhaust [IOE] 550cc MAG motored version. It as you can see is in a dismantled state.The Motorcycle was burnt in a fire along with a Lea Francis Car. The Motorcycle was then subsequently passed through many hands before I took ownership.The previous owner sent the barrells to an enameller and some how they were lost. I was lucky enough to have two friends in Australia who were able to assist with the missing barrells and other bits and pieces.

The following pictures are of the motorcycle as it was in the early days, and the original owner as you can see, and the Lea Francis prior to it being dismantled.

The following picture is of the motor that was sourced out of Australia for the Lea Francis and will assist with the restoration.

The following are a few advertisements for the Lea Francis