1928 Matchless T3 500cc SV

The following Matchless is my first purchase over eight years ago. I have been lucky to ride it in the famous Banbury Run, and finished, but unfortunatley it never made it over Rising Sun Hill due to a few breakdowns, and eventually I went around the hill and back to the finish. We arrived just as they were pulling down the banner. Anyhow, on the way back to the B&B it seized on me; luckily I was on the hill leading down to the B&B, and was able to quickly pull in the clutch to minimize any damage.

Since then the T3 has had an extensive motor rebuild. A friend had a big-end that helped with the rebuild. As it turns out; the previous owner did a bit of hack work on the bottom end; smashing in bushings and bearings, causing severe cracks in the bottom end. Ashpoles were commissioned to do the work, and I would recommend these folks to anyone; they did a superb job!!

The T3 now is running sweet, and ticks over first kick each time.