1930 Monty Sports Touring 1140cc SV

The Montgomery 1140 cc Touring model you see here, has changed significantly since these photos have been taken. it is almost a complete bike; a petrol tank was made off of a pattern by Wilfried, who is also restoring a Montgomery, but in his case an OHV v-twin. The Monty is a one off and a bespoke model, which I know is original from the facotry; motor and frame, as the original restorer who is out of Cardiff Wales confirmed this with the original owners daughter. She also was able to shed more light on the bike itself; the motor had twin carburetors on it, which I am trying to find photos of in a similar setup. The daughter also confirmed that the Monty was raced at the Isle of Man in the sidecar races of the 30's. I have not been able to find any information to confirm this through records at the VMCC, but hope one day something will turn up.

The Monty will be attached to a launch sidecar, which funny enough has a Isle of Man Motorcycle Club badge on the front of it; my buddy pointed this out to me when we were looking it over. It is a 1933 swallow sidecar, and will fit in nicely with the Monty's look. The Monty still sports its original sidecard mounts from the factory.

The pictures at the bottom are of the Monty when it was intially restored by the owner in Cardiff Wales. It sports a Norton petrol tank, wrong rear hub, front end and front mudguard; all of which have been found.