1928 Raleigh 21 500cc OHV

The motorcycle you see here is a 1929 Raleigh model 21, 500cc side valave, which is in correct original state. The only exception is the exhaust is incorrect, but i have since gotten the correct one from the Raleigh Owners Club.The Raleigh was running and starting every time up until a few weeks ago, so i need to find out what has happened. The mag has recently been rewound, so don't epxect that to be the problem. checked the petrol getting to the carb, but that was OK as well. I also cleaned the carb, but still nothing. I need to check for a spark.

Update - well since last time I updated this I had just bought a sidecar for the Raleigh Model 21....well here are the new photos showing the sidecar now attached. It runs really nice with the car on it, although if you aren't a sidecar user it is a bit different from the aspect of making turns. Noenthless it rides really well with the car hitched on her.